Ayuntamiento de Ceutí

Ceutí is a municipality of 10.34 km2, situated in the Southeast of Spain, in the Region of Murcia. Despite its small size, Ceutí has been a cultural reference point during the last 15 years and active in EU projects. It has an interesting tourist offer: an Open Air Museum with sculptures and murals from important artists, a contemporary art centre managed by the regional government, 7 Chimneys Museum devoted to the traditional canning industry and Antonio Campillo Museum hosting the biggest collection of this sculptor. Another important priority for Ceutí is health promotion: The municipality has adhered to the National Strategy for the Promotion of Health of the Ministry of Health in Madrid, whose main objective is that our population gain years of good health.


  • Ayuntamiento de Ceutí. Ceutí, Murcia

  • Plaza José Virgili, 1, Ceutí, Spain.

  • Website : https://www.ceuti.es

  • Email: ayuntamiento@ceuti.es

  • Telephone: +34968690151

  • Fax: +34968691373

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