Colegiul Economic Buzau

Colegiul Economic Buzau is a big vocational training school (over 1000 students) in the southeast of Romania, region Buzau. It is specialized in business administration and tourism studies. Most of the students come from rural areas and from poor families. It is important for them to find out new ways of living, new opportunities they can have in the future. Also in the last years, an important number of students come from roma families and we are making great efforts to integrate them in our programs. With every year, the number of students that need our special attention is higher. We try year by year to create equal chances for our students and to avoid social exclusion. For that, special programs have been developed which are monitored by staff and qualified persons.


  • Colegiul Economic Buzau

  • T. Vladimirescu, 15, Buzau, Romania.

  • Website : http://www.colegiuleconomic.rdsbz.ro

  • Email: economic.buzau@yahoo.com

  • Telephone: +40238724247

  • Fax: +40238721197

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